There are a number of ways to donate to The Paige Project.

Please note that no matter how you donate, please remember to fill in our pledge form: this will help us track your donations and make our administration much easier.

For Companies

Why Donate? – The Value to Your Company

While many CSI initiatives look at poverty elevation and benefits to the poorest of the poor, our plight is for those who live in these conditions and have a disability to have to deal with on top of that. Poverty and disability can be equally as crippling however the combination of the two is where real intervention is critical.

We realise many cash CSI budgets are being reduced due to the current economic climate, many more companies are moving towards trade or services exchange in order to assist with meaningful CSI initiatives.

As a new and developing NPO, The Paige Project has been relying on events and a close knit supporter group for support and funding. For us to make a real positive impression on Cerebral palsy in South Africa we need to be a part of corporate companies’ social initiatives. The additional funding would help us concentrate on getting the correct support to the people who are truly in need.

We are a registered NPO (080-583)

Click here to view our NPO Certificate.

Percentage of Black Beneficiaries

All funds raised are solely for various Paige Project initiatives, of which 97% of the beneficiaries are previously disadvantaged individuals and thus will contribute completely to any company’s BEE and CSI scorecard.

Our current breakdown of Beneficiaries is as follows:-

  • 97% – Black
  • 2% Coloured/Indian
  • 1 % White

We are BEE Status – Level 1 and are certified to issue Section 18A tax certificates for all donations made.

Our Bank Details

Name: The Paige Project Association
Account: 004761944
Type: Current
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Code: 00 4305

Name: The Paige Project
Account: 62355517106
Type: Current
Bank: FNB Bank
Branch: Fourways
Code: 251655

Name: The Paige Project
Account: 4000511211
Type: Transmission
Bank: Mercantile Bank
Branch: Sandton
Code: 450905